Noise comes in many forms and is a blanket term we use to describe anything we don’t want on our recording. It could simply be some background environmental noise that adds context to a location recording but is too dominant and distracts from the subject. Alternatively, it could be electronic interference that’s intermittently and unpredictably plaguing our audio. It’s any background audio that’s surplus to requirements. We want it gone.

Inevitably, the best way to avoid noise is make sure it’s not there in the first place: make sure you’ve got a good microphone and recording equipment, to start with. But even with the best setup, avoiding noise can be easier said than done. Reducing it at the source is certainly achievable and we have plenty of tips to help you with that. 

We also have ideas for techniques to help you fix things in post production. Of course there will be times when your audio track seems to be completely unsalvageable and it makes more sense to replace it. 

But before you throw in the towel, check out our ERA 4 Bundle Pro, which is packed with processors to help clean up noise and reverb, and to improve the sound of spoken audio. 

Different Types of Noise and how to Deal with them