2. Choosing a Platform to Host Your Podcast 

Arguably the hardest technical decision when it comes to podcasting, is where to host your podcast. Yes, you want to upload it for the world to hear – but… where? Is there a YouTube for podcasts? Or a way to post on multiple sites at once? I listen to my favorite show on Spotify, can’t I just upload to that? 

Well, not exactly. Your best option, and one we strongly recommend for the fledgling podcaster, is to go with a specific podcast host. There are hundreds available on the market, with every host having hundreds of users that are just itching for you to use their clumsy affiliate link whenever the question arises. 

That’s why we recommend you to go with Libsyn or PodBean

Great for podcasts based upon an existing website or business, Libsyn has been one of the most prevalent podcast hosts since the word ‘podcasting’ was coined. From 2004, they’ve offered a stable and secure product, with a focus on statistics, automation and enterprise. If you’re a casual or hobbyist podcaster, some of their pricing options may seem a little steep, but for anyone wanting to unite their business endeavors with their show, definitely check them out. 

A user experience and accessibility-minded host, Podbean is a great option for people wanting to try out podcasting before going all-in. Their product has free options, being highly scalable for shows that need flexibility as they grow, with additional features releasing regularly. Despite being potentially overwhelming to those less savvy, Podbean’s subscription model lets you utilize a ton of features from even the lowest rates, and is a surefire host candidate for podcasters wanting to try out every tool possible. 

Remember – these are just two options, and if your show has specific needs, it’s always best to research which host to go with via multiple sources, testimonials and reviews. It’s also worth remembering that nothing is concrete – there’s always room to switch hosts further down the road, if needed.