balena monthly roundup - April 2020

balena monthly roundup - April 2020

Let’s start by sharing some of the amazing work balena customers are doing to
improve accessibility to home testing for COVID-19, advance disease research tools, and increase access to medical equipment. We also asked our own team of experts at balena (we’re 100% remote) directly for work-from-home tips to help those who can’t commute to their offices.

Team balena is grateful, proud, and supportive of all the doctors, medical practitioners, scientists, first responders, and workers out there doing what they can to help us make sense of the disease, find a cure, stay safe, or access the basic resources that everyone needs to get through all of this.

Take care out there, everyone! On to the updates.

News from balenaHQ

New to remote work? Get tips from the team

Team balena breaks down remote work into manageable chunks. Get tips and tricks directly from our teammates and make “work from home” work.

See how balena helps Skycatch deploy and manage thousands of IoT devices

Learn how balena removes the friction of at-scale device and fleet management for Skycatch’s unique computer vision and jobsite mapping platform.

Join us for IoT Happy Hour (weekly!)

Team balena now hosts Friday IoT Happy Hours. Talk shop, meet folks, and check out interesting projects all from our YouTube stream.

The latest from our blog

AI-driven object detection with the push of a button

See how alwaysAI and balena can abstract away the complexity of machine learning and help you build an object detector with a few downloads and a CLI push.

Make a change, see the results with Local Mode and livepush

We show our users how to develop directly onto their devices, allowing teams to quickly iterate and see updated results immediately. Hack to your heart’s content.

Attention, IoT professionals: define your role!

Are you an IoT fleet owner? Edge developer? Engineer of edge devices? Edge Master of the Universe? We’re conducting some research to find out what IoT professionals call themselves.

Projects of the month

Kiwibots use their delivery bots to transport medical goods

Typically used for the delivery of food on college campuses, it’s great to see our customer, Kiwibots, transition some of its fleet to deliver medical goods in support of professionals and individuals who need them.

Opentrons is working non-stop to create a high-throughput COVID-19 testing system

We’re proud of our customer, Opentrons, for putting IoT and edge technology to work to support COVID-19 research. They’re making progress on increasing the throughput of their testing machines to help disease researchers.

Nurx works on home testing for COVID-19

Shoutout to our customer, Nurx, for their work on making home testing for COVID-19 more accessible.

Work with us

We’re always interested in meeting new, interesting, and talented people. Get in touch!


Here are some upcoming events you might like to check out. If you see the balena logo next to an event, that means we’ll be there – come and say hello!

Hang out with us

While many physical events are currently postponed, that doesn’t mean you can’t meet the team or get your questions answered. We are currently developing new ways to make ourselves available, and our first virtual event is our new weekly IoT Happy Hour!

Every Friday at 16:00 UTC, join our live stream to see IoT project builds, discuss hardware and software, talk shop, answer community questions, and more. Join our next session!