Greetings to thee, faithful reader! We bring ye good tidings in the final balena newsletter of 2019! This month brings product news for fleet owners, the latest from our blog, and as always, the latest from you out in the community.

Of particular interest this month is our Bosch case study, where you can read how this multinational engineering and electronics company uses balena to deploy software to devices distributed all around the world. Also check out how balenaOS and CNC.js can add new functionality into affordable CNC machines that you have laying around or were thinking of trying during the holidays.

Read on for your monthly delivery of balena-fueled goodness, and no matter what you’re celebrating this season, happy holidays from everyone here at balena!

Company News

Now open source: our remote team support scheduler

Scheduling remote shifts is hard work! Get a closer look on how balena programmatically schedules support coverage for its distributed team to reduce friction and increase employee and user happiness (and try the open source code yourself!).

Improving the way fleet owners debug their devices

Device diagnostics are now open source via balenaCloud to help fleet owners better troubleshoot their devices.

Podcast: how systems thinking reduces friction for employees and customers

A fully-distributed team opens doors to many efficiencies and also new challenges. Our CEO Alexandros Marinos joins OpenView Ventures on their show to talk about new solutions and tools to reduce remote employee friction.

The latest from our blog

Super-powering affordable CNC devices with CNC.js and balenaOS

Breathe new life and premium functionality into even the most affordable CNC machines with this new CNC.js and balenaOS project.

How Bosch manages its IoT fleet using balena

We’re excited to share this overview of how Bosch uses balena to deploy software to devices distributed all around the world.

Projects of the month

Every month we like to feature a few projects built by the community, this month it’s:

Matthew from Liverpool shares his balena-powered vinyl cutter!

Watch this short video from @matthewcroughan (fresh out of the @DoESLiverpool maker/coworking space) where he uses balenaOS to power his vinyl cutter (h/t to community member Alex Lennon for the find).

Building a country-wide LoRaWAN network with balena

@bidikov gave us a sneak peek at a massive IoT project. Looks like a massive, country-wide LoRaWAN network is in the works. We’ll be keeping an eye on this awesome project!
Feel free to give them a try and let the world know how you get on in the forums; the authors of these projects would love to know how you’re using them.

Putting balenaFin to work in home automation

Gregory Elleouet of France is working on a fascinating project combining our balenaFin as part of their BeMyHomeSmart project.

Work with us!

We’re always on the lookout for interested, talented and passionate people to join our team. Find our currently open positions and apply at


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