balena monthly roundup - December 2020

balena monthly roundup - December 2020

Hello, readers!

We’re excited to announce balenaHub: find and deploy ready-made edge and IoT projects made by product builders like you, or share your own app with the world. Try it out!

From the lab, we show educators how to set up a Scratch server on a Raspberry Pi, and introduce AI-driven audio analysis using Coral and balena. We also took a deep look at the networking features of balenaFin.

Check out our holiday gift guide if you need ideas and see some interesting balena community spotlights below. Happy holidays, everyone.

News from balenaHQ

Introducing balenaHub

As part of Release Party #2, we assembled and launched balenaHub, a new way to find edge and IoT projects that are proven, and ready to deploy. Or you can submit your own project to share with the community.

Announcing EtcherPro pre-order date: 5 Jan 2021

We’re starting the new year by accepting pre-order requests for EtcherPro starting on 5 Jan 2021. Follow along on our journey to launching EtcherPro on the forums.

The latest from our blog

Create an audio analysis project using AI

AI-driven audio analysis can quantify the world around us by sound. Imagine measuring noise pollution or predicting machine failure all with Coral, balena, and a microphone.

Build your own Scratch server for one person or a whole classroom

Scratch is a popular way for young students to practice coding and systematic problem solving. Now you can load up Scratch on a Raspberry Pi using balena– educators can build just one or an entire fleet easily.

Get a closer look at balenaFin’s networking capabilities

Our custom carrier board, balenaFin, has certain networking capabilities that prepare it for industrial, remote environments. Take a closer look.

Charlie’s Tips N Tricks

You can use Deploy with balena to also deploy a specific branch of a project with different configurations. This can be very handy when debugging your application or developing new features.

To deploy a project from a specific branch using a customized balena.yml, use the following url structure:<repo url>/archive/<branch name>.tar.gz&repoUrl=<repo url> &configUrl=<org>/<repo name>/<branch name>/balena.yml 

You can read more about the options used above in our docs.

Projects of the month

Congrats to these community members for adding their projects to balenaHub

Let’s take a moment to applaud:

Thanks for being a part of our first set of balenaHub apps. Check out all the apps on balenaHub or submit your own.

It’s that time of the year– festive lights!

Hats off to @Connect_Cloud for creating this adorable 3D RGB LED tree. We’re also talking all about festive LED lighting on the forums– join us.

We showed the community how to “balena-ify” an app for balenaHub

For a more hands-on approach, check out this recent IoT Happy Hour, where the team answered some community questions on how to prepare an app for balenaHub.

Glad to be a part of the dual boot adventure

Whether for your next IoT project or to adventure into new operating system territory, balenaEtcher is the way to go, as this community member knows.

Job opening: Lead Security Engineer

We’re looking for a number of roles for our growing team. Could any of these fit you?

Check them out or introduce yourself to us via open call. We’d love to get to know you better.

Hang out with us

Join us for IoT Happy Hour

We’re postponing our physical events to practice safe social distancing and keep our team safe and healthy. Instead, meet with us virtually during our weekly IoT Happy Hour!

Every Friday at 16:00 UTC, join our live stream to see IoT project builds, discuss hardware and software, talk shop, answer community questions, and more. All of our previous episodes are available on our YouTube channel, too.