Hello, dear readers!

It’s been a busy month here at balena! Our 5th Release Party led to some changes to the look and feel of balenaCloud to help new users build their first project. We also explored why we created the audio, sensor, and pulse blocks to inspire edge developers to try them out or build their own.

As always, check out this month’s community spotlights, job openings this month, and come hang out with us for our weekly IoT Happy Hour! Read on for more details.

News from balenaHQ

How balenaSound inspired the audio block

Learn how bug fixing and maintaining balenaSound helped us create the audio block, and see how you can try it out.

Release Party #5 – Making it easier for new users to get started

We got together to live stream releasing new UX elements to help new users learn how to use balenaCloud and start their first project.

Learn how to use our newest balenaBlocks

We released our new pulse and sensor blocks, both designed to simplify how you bring data from sensors and other equipment into your projects.

Community projects of the month

A Fitbit for Bees? Yes please!

Check out our community member Abhatikar’s blog post where he explains his build for an environment monitor to discover more about the secret lives of bees.

Check out this balenaSound build guide

YouTuber leepsvideo created a nice walkthrough of installing balenaSound. We’d love to see how other people build this project and many others on balenaHub. Let us know if you create your own tutorial!

What’s better than a GNSS? And RTK GNSS of course…

In this forum post, community member Khancyr explains how they built a Real Time Kinetic (RTK) Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) using a balenaFin.

Happy Hour from the team at ARM

Last month, we were joined by the team from ARM for our IoT Happy Hour to talk about how they use a Raspberry Pi 4 to control a Raspberry Pi Pico, controlled by balena.

Building a dashboard for openbalena

Check out, or join, this great discussion and ongoing build log of community member Razikus’ openbalena dashboard. Also try the Android app version and let the community know what you think about it.

Job openings

We’re looking for a number of roles for our growing team. Could any of these fit you?

Check them out or introduce yourself to us via open call. We’d love to get to know you better.

Hang out with us

Join us for IoT Happy Hour

We’re postponing our physical events to practice safe social distancing and keep our team safe and healthy. Instead, meet with us virtually during our weekly IoT Happy Hour!

Every Friday at 16:00 UTC, join our live stream to see IoT project builds, discuss hardware and software, talk shop, answer community questions, and more. All of our previous episodes are available on our YouTube channel, too.