USB Microphones
Most USB mics don’t require an external power source and can be positioned in many different ways. Be it sitting on your desktop, on an external stand or attached to a desk boom, most USB mics should seamlessly integrate into your current desk setup, but remember to factor this in when considering prices. Many mics have built-in headphone monitoring which can help avoid latency issues over USB, and some also come with gain level control and a mute button to give you more control over your sound.

If you’re a YouTuber or livestreamer who presents from a fixed position, the feature set, size and quality of these mics make them an excellent option – especially as many designs look great when on video. Voiceover artists could also do worse than picking up a decent USB mic thanks to their convenience and quality. 

The audio quality from a USB mic will never be quite as good as from a decent XLR, but the difference is almost imperceptible in practical terms. If you’re looking for a first mic that can deliver good results and fit straight into your setup, then you can’t go wrong with a USB mic.

Headset Microphones
Online multiplayer games often include voice chat, and the most convenient way to participate is using a wired, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth headphone-and-mic headset. If you simply want to record speech whilst doing some screen capture and already have access to one of these headsets, they offer a readymade solution. However, audio quality may not match a decent lavalier model and you need to watch out for inbuilt noise cancelling features that may compromise the microphone’s sonics.

Bluetooth Microphones – What to Consider
If you’re determined to use a Bluetooth mic then there are now quite a few examples available. These include some handheld mics, however the vast majority are clip-on designs. They are bigger than lavaliers, so less discreet, but using Bluetooth can remove the need for a transmitter, and the pairing process should be straightforward. On the downside, when you get beyond a few metres Bluetooth can become less reliable, so bear this in mind. As ever with wireless, be prepared to swap out the batteries or plug in to charge on a regular basis.