Screen recording software is an essential tool for any kind of content creator, blogger, educator, or creative. 

Finding the right screen recording software for your needs can be more difficult than you might think. Software manufacturers have built their programs to be specialised to certain use cases, so there may be some software that is better suited to your required tasks.  

We’ve put this guide together to help you find the best screen recording software so you can start capturing on-screen video for your content.

We’ve listed both free and paid software. Paid programs often have many more features and flexibility in recording options to produce more complex captures. This level of complexity might be overkill for some users, where, so work out what features you’ll actually use before buying anything.

Something important to consider is whether you need to have editing functionality. This can be avoided if you already have a video editor. Also if you need to add extra graphics or visual elements, check if the program is capable.

In addition, depending on your needs, check that the software can capture the desired amount of simultaneous sources. Not every program can record more than one source at a time.

Finally, not all programs are cross platform so check what’s compatible with the machine you are using first! 

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