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Innovative Greeks Talks with Marco Veremis: ep. 11 - Julien Makalu

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Once a month, our partner and co-Chair of SEV’s Innovation Committee, Marco Veremis hosts innovative Greeks, who excel by achieving increasingly higher goals. His guests unfold their stories and share with us their exciting journey, experiences gathered along the way, but also their recipe for success.

Julien Makalu fled his country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to escape the civil war. He found himself in Turkey with no money and a fake passport, was beaten to unconsciousness, crossed the Evros River, was imprisoned, endured extreme bullying, and even contemplated suicide.

However, he managed to survive, learned Greek in 3 months (!), and graduated from school in Konitsa with honors. Today, at the age of 28, he has created his own family, set up his own business, gotten a degree and faces life with a smile.

With Marco Veremis, they discuss the difficulties he encountered, the help he received from everyday people, and Greece’s shortcomings.

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