Pioneering the Future: Big Pi Rebrands with a bold vision, a fresh fund and new team members

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In the evolving landscape of venture capital, adaptability is the key to success. Evolution and adaptation are not just buzzwords; they are essential for success. That’s why we’re thrilled to share our new brand, a transformation that symbolises our commitment to innovation, growth and the pursuit of excellence.

A Vision for the Future

The Greek letter Pi (Π) is the product operator in mathematics and Pi Notation is used to indicate repeated multiplication. Our new logo embodies our forward-looking vision that is grounded in the power of math and science. 

It symbolises our commitment to being a VC which amplifies the talent and potential of the entrepreneurs we partner with. More than a logo, it’s a visual representation of our pledge to support visionary entrepreneurs and breakthrough innovations, to invest in technology and teams which drive progress. 

An Engineering Approach to Investing

The identity illustrates the engineering approach that we apply to investing, with systematic, organised, diligent and thoughtful work. In the years to come, we will continue to provide unwavering support to startups and entrepreneurs whose breakthroughs align with our core pillars.

New Faces, Fresh ideas 

A venture capital firm is only as strong as its team. With our rebrand, we’re delighted to announce new team members who bring a wealth of experience, fresh insights and a deep understanding of the fundamental technology landscape.

  • Nikos has been at the forefront of European Venture Capital for the past 10 years 
  • Melina is an Electrical Engineer who spent two years at McKinsey before joining us recently
  • Cassandra joined us after completing her PhD in Oncology at Cambridge University. 
  • And Maria joined us from Upstream, one of Greece’s most successful technology startups

Our combined expertise will help us stay at the forefront of thinking in the industry. Together we are an experienced team with a proven track record.

A New Fund for Pioneering Innovations