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Innovative Greeks Talks with Marco Veremis: ep.21 - Pavlos Tsimas

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Once a month, our partner and co-Chair of SEV’s Innovation Committee, Marco Veremis hosts innovative Greeks, who excel by achieving increasingly higher goals. His guests unfold their stories and share with us their exciting journey, experiences gathered along the way, but also their recipe for success.

Pavlos Tsimas belongs to the generation of Polytechnio (the National Technical University of Athens) – also known as the generation that grew up during the junta. He studied at the Athens Law School and started practicing the law, following the family tradition, but he quickly quit, as he felt unhappy. Since then, he has worked as a journalist and has a particular affinity for radio.

His conversation with Marco Veremis starts with podcasts and newsletters but does not stop there. They talk about the course and development of Greece from the 1970s to the present. They share stories, one about a deck of cards (!), and ponder over the palpable rage within the Millennial generation. Looking to the future, Pavlos Tsimas believes that the next generation will be able to make leaps and bounds and pleasantly surprise us all.

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