Teachers are always trying to design meaningful learning activities that also adhere to state standards. Coordinating goals with age-appropriate content ensures that children are given the best opportunity for academic success. This imperative task is one that requires support so that teachers can be constantly improving the classroom experience.

That is why we have created the Kinems Academy webpage, where teachers can easily find movement-based games that fit students’ individual needs.

Start by heading over to academy.kinems.com, and type in a topic or learning objective to focus on. For example, you might be looking for game-based activities that help students practice their spelling skills. By typing in a key word, the search generates all of the applicable games available on the platform.

Selecting a game from the list provides you with a description and accompanying video. Furthermore, the page also details the common core goals addressed by the activity, as well as a detailed list of all its customizable features. Some of these features include selecting which hand the students will use, and if they will exert a grabbing motion, or hover over the image on screen to submit answers. Therapists and teachers can help students exercise their non dominant hands, as well as a wide range of other body movements depending on the game.

Further down the page are examples of what each game’s progress report looks like, which help track student performance and are great resources for parents.

With Kinems Academy, teachers can personalize their lesson plans based on individual student profiles and IEP goals. The customizable settings allow for targeted practice in areas where students face difficulty. Whether you’re searching by keyword, or browsing our entire library of games, Kinems can help you find what you need for all of your students.