Footage organisation is key for this technique. When you automatically add the footage to your project timeline, it will be inserted in the order it is arranged in your media bin. Arrange the footage in the order you would like it to appear in your video.

In addition, if there are some clips in your bin that you don’t want to start at the beginning of the clip when they are added to your timeline, you can see the In/Out range of each clip so that when it’s added to the sequence it starts at a specific point.

Step 2: Add markers to your track

Time to focus on the music. Add the music track to your video timeline. 

The keyboard shortcut for adding markers is M. We’re going to be adding in markers by playing through the track in our timeline and rhythmically tapping every time we want to add a marker. This is super quick to do and also adds a performative element to your video which can really add life to your scene or music video.