Watch the first episode of ‘’Inspiring Stories Made in Greece’’, the new video series of Enterprise Greece SA, that focuses on the investment potential of strategic economic sectors in Greece through the first-hand experiences of 10 leading stakeholders in the Hellenic market. Each story is unique, but the leaders all agree on one fundamental point: Now is the time to invest in Greece.

In this episode, our partner, Marco Veremis, explains how Greece’s vibrant tech start-up ecosystem is maturing and drawing international investments, expecting Greece’s tech ecosystem to account for at least 10% of Greek GDP over the next five years.

In this last decade, bold choices to digitise, re-make and open the economy have created the environment for innovation to thrive and business to succeed. Greece has already seen its first unicorn, with at least two more in the running in 2022. The Greek diaspora is playing a key role in the development of the sector and tech giants are increasingly choosing the country as a place to build centres of excellence, capitalising on the country’s biggest asset – its human capital.

You can view the video below:

Marcos Veremis is one of Greece’s first tech entrepreneurs and an active angel investor.