Fieldscale SENSE Winter ‘18 Release Enables IC makers and Touch Screen Manufacturers Ship Faster, Reduce Product Development Cycles with the Industry’s Only Simulation Software for Touch Sensor Design.

Key new features include support for asymmetric patterns, compatibility check between any touch sensor and any controller, and a new stack-up UI

Thessaloniki, Greece – February 27, 2018Fieldscale, a provider of simulation software, today announced significant enhancements to its flagship product, Fieldscale SENSE. SENSE is the only product in the market that provides fully automated simulation for touch sensor designs. With SENSE, integrated-circuit (IC) makers and touch screen manufacturers can streamline their product development, reduce costs and scale their capacity. SENSE can be used in every stage of product development, by any engineer, from beginner to an expert, starting from day one.

“With this release we’re introducing a new stack-up UI that is fully adjusted to user needs. We’re also releasing key new features such as support for asymmetric patterns and the ability to check the compatibility between any touch sensor model (pre-defined or custom) and any controller, whether included in SENSE’s library or added by the user,” said Vasilis Zagkanas, Product Director at Fieldscale. “In fact, SENSE is the only product in the industry that considers the controller in simulations.”

What’s unique about Fieldsale SENSE:

  • Unprecedented Simulation Speed: SENSE utilizes cutting-edge algorithms that provide accurate results in an impressively short simulation time. For example, a parametric simulation of a typical double layer diamond pattern including 16 different pointer positions, when using 256 CPU cores, is solved in about two minutes with SENSE.
  • Companies can go-to-market 10x faster: SENSE reduces the number of prototypes that need to be manufactured. Thanks to its virtual prototyping capabilities, companies can find all design flaws in less than a day rather than 4 to 6 weeks using other methods or tools.
  • No hand-drawn 3D Geometry: Users import their proprietary patterns as standard DXF files and SENSE’s intelligent engine creates the 3D touch sensor model with a click of a button.
  • SENSE is the only simulation software that considers the controller (IC) specifications in simulations: Users can find at once which controller works best with their touch sensor model.
  • Solves Complex Metal Mesh Patterns: Ideal for designing curved, flexible or large touch screens, buttons or sliders, SENSE enables users to simulate metal mesh patterns that have extremely complicated geometry with tiny details and huge aspect ratio.
  • Simulation Accuracy Within 3%: SENSE simulation results have been validated against measurements from actual touch sensor manufacturers.

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Fieldscale provides simulation software that helps IC makers and touch screen manufacturers scale capacity, reduce product development cycles and go-to-market 10x faster. Using Fieldscale any engineer can make informed design decisions, starting from day one. For more information, go to

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