The instrumentation in the tracks points towards fairly traditional idioms of jazz and funk, using standard components like drums, bass, organs, guitars, horns, and vocals – but Persona 5 presents them with a modernised aesthetic. 

The soundtrack takes the ideas of traditional jazz music from the 1950s onwards and augments them with layers of modern production techniques and sound design. All of the individual elements are mashed up to leave the soundtrack sounding like a cross between an 80s cop movie on VHS and a Saturday night in a jazz club.

The compositional techniques and theoretical approach revolve around fairly standard contemporary jazz, rock and pop frameworks. There are plenty of jazzy chord extensions, meaning ninths, elevenths and a lot of funky sevenths. This is typical of the jazz genre, with chord progressions regularly revolving around extensions and altered variants. 

Rhythmically, the music is relatively simple. Most tracks are in a 4/4 meter, which lends itself well to the trance nature of video games, with medium to fast tempos to keep the pace. Some tracks are more swinging, taking inspiration from hip-hop and neo-soul grooves.