It’s not unusual for students to struggle with learning to solve math word problems, as it can be challenging to apply the arithmetic skills they have learned to real world scenarios. This is why it is important to start with simple problems to familiarizing students with key words, before moving on to more complex questions.

Fairy Bells is a dynamic math game appropriate for students in kindergarten, all the way through fifth grade. The object of the game is for the student to help find the missing fairies in a game of hide and seek by correctly answering math word problems. Fairy Bells covers all things arithmetic and sharpens mental math skills. Students are asked to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems in their heads.

For younger students, Fairy Bells starts out with simple addition and subtraction problems. For older students, more advanced questions cover topics including units of measurement for distance, time, volume, and mass. Students are also asked to multiply and divide fractions and mixed numbers. The topics covered adhere to the common core goals for each grade level. With this wide range of questions, Fairy Bells will be your go-to game during class time to warm up your students’ mental math skills.

Teachers and therapists can adjust the number of questions asked during each game, and can determine whether students answer questions by jumping, or raising their arms up. All Kinems games generate progress reports upon the student’s completion of the activity. Teachers are provided with each question asked, all of the possible answer choices, and the student’s chosen answer. With the help of the fairies, your students will be flying through mental math problems and will be well prepared for the more advanced calculations to come! Learn more about which Common Core goals Fairy Bells covers at