Our example video is from a ‘follow me around’ style vlog, that sees the creator in different locations as they record clips throughout their day. This vlogging style is especially popular for travel videos and ‘day in the life’ vlogs. The handheld camera is picking up sounds from the world around it, so why the need for sound effects?

Well, vlogs are meant to be entertaining. The idea is to pick the most interesting parts of your day and share them with your audience, so you’re really presenting an idealised version of your life. Imagine if you vlogged the boring parts like sleeping or going to the toilet!

In the same way that you exaggerate the course of your day for entertainment purposes, there are things you can do to make the video clips that make up the vlog more interesting too. Vlogs can be jazzed up with music, graphics and sound effects that add humor, drama, or tension to the scene. 

Sound effects give the audience cues to react in the way you want them to react. That’s why comedy videos have sound effects when people trip over, and why horror films have unsettling buildups right before jump scares.

By adding sound effects to your vlogs, you’re adding extra layers and dimensions, and you’ll find everything you need in SFX Cellar, our royalty free sound effects library.