MKV file types are a free, open source video container format that allows for unlimited video, audio, pictures and subtitles tracks to be included within the file. It is similar to formats you may be more familiar with such as AVI or MP4, however it is completely open regarding it’s specifications.  

MP4s arrived in 2001 offering greater compatibility and additional features that can be stored within the file itself.

When looking to convert MKV to MP4, you’ve got lots of options. There are online converters as well software you can download to make the conversion.  Both methods have free versions and are relatively easy.  For this article, we will cover how to convert MKV to MP4 files using the VLC Media Player – which can play and convert almost any video file type.  

If you’d rather convert your videos online then try using one of these great options: cloudconvert, Zamzar, online-convert, Convertio and Free Convert.