There are many different options to convert WEBM files to MP4 format.  There are both free and paid online converters as well as software programs that will convert the files for you.  One of the best ways to convert video files is to use Handbrake. It’s a great, simple and free program that works on all operating systems. You can download it for Mac, Windows and Linux at their website:  

At the end of this article we’ve also included several options to convert files online.

Step 1: Download and install Handbrake

The first thing you need to do is to download and install Handbrake for your operating system. In this example we’re working on a Mac, but all other operating systems will work in a similar way.  

Step 2: Open the WEBM file you want to convert

Once Handbrake is installed, open the program and you will see a window that looks similar to the image below.  Open the WEBM file you wish to convert.