To remove noise using the stock Final Cut Denoise first find a section where only noise is audible. Next set the threshold level so only the noise is just filtered out and then use the Reduce parameter to remove it.

This can be a little complicated to learn. If you’re looking for a really easy to use denoiser check out the Accusonus Noise Remover. It’ll get rid of your noise with just one dial!

How to get Rid of Microphone Buzz in Final Cut

Final Cut Pro’s Denoiser is your best bet for removing microphone buzz from an audio recording. To use it, load it onto a clip from the effects window, set the Threshold so just the buzzing is let through and then use the Reduce dial to remove the buzz.

How to Remove Reverb from Audio in Final Cut

A quick and easy fix to get rid of reverb and echo in your audio is to load the Enveloper form the effects window and load the preset ‘Room Killer’. If you want a more effective reverb and echo remover then check out the Accusonus Era 4 bundle.