How to record audio to Media Composer

1. Choose which track you want to record to (normally an empty track, or you can have MC create a new one for you), choose your drive and the bin you want your final sound file saved in.

2. Now, depending on how you want to do things, you can proceed one of two ways. If you have a blank timeline that you’re going to record your voice to as one long clip, simply deselect ‘Stop at End or at mark out’, hit record, and start speaking.

3. If you want to record your voiceover to your video, you have the ability to do that as well. Figure out what you want your Pre and Post Roll to be, meaning how much do you want MC to queue up your timeline to play, before it starts recording. 

4. If you want handles to allow you to crossfade into other clips, you can add them here. Normally 0.5 to 1 second is more than enough. 

5. If you want to record for only a specific duration, simply mark an in/out point in your timeline, and make sure the Stop at End or at mark out box is now checked.

6. That’s it. Hit record, your timeline will playback. If your audio levels are too low, you can head into your Settings Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+=, head to Project >> Audio Project >> Input and adjust the fader to the desired volume.