There are several methods to remove clicks and pops in Audacity, some work better with different disturbances. 

Fortunately, Audacity click removal is pretty easy, however the sample limitations and minimal controls of the “Click Removal” and “Repair” tools are sometimes inefficient. For more advanced audio clean up tools, check out the ERA Bundle Pro.

Method 1: Cut and Join

This method uses manual audio editing to simply cut mouth noises, audio pops and clicks from your waveform.

– Step 1 – Locate the click, zoom in until the irregular sample is visible at sample level.

– Step 2 – Highlight the irregular sample.

– Step 3 – Press “Backspace” to delete the error.

– Step 4 – The clips should automatically be rejoined.

Method 2: Audacity Click Removal Tool

Click Removal” in Audacity is a smart tool which automatically detects and removes clicks from audio. 

– Step 1 – Highlight an audio clip with clicks. With this method the selected area must be larger than 4028 Samples.

– Step 2 – From the top menu bar click “Effect > Click Removal”.  

– Step 3 – Change the “Threshold” value to adjust the sensitivity so that it detects the clicks.

– Step 4 – Change the “Spike Width” control so it covers the length of the click.

– Step 5 – Use “Preview” to check the processing. 

– Step 6 – Click “OK” to render the processing, hopefully removing any clicks detected by the tool.

Method 3: Audacity Repair Tool

There is a Repair tool in audacity which repairs short sections of audio (up to 128 samples) by interpolating from surrounding samples. This is the most effective tool for repairing clicks if you manage to find the tiny sample. 

– Step 1 – Highlight the broken sample with a small area either side. 

– Step 2 – Zoom in until the sample dots are visible. You may need to reselect within the 128 sample limit

– Step 3 – Select “Effect > Repair” 

– Step 4 – The audio will be repaired, Use Undo if repaired incorrectly.