Let’s take a closer look at exactly what we want to fix in this video. Breaking down the overall job into sub-tasks before you start is a good way of preparing an efficient edit and repair strategy.

Possibly the biggest improvement we can make to the video overall, is to make it more entertaining to watch. Skateboarding is fun, and the interviewee is talking about how much he enjoys it, but that isn’t being reflected in the overall tone of the video. At the moment it feels a little dull, and there is not much cohesion between the clips. Choosing the right background music from Music Cellar will be a good way of gluing everything together and making it more interesting.

The other issue with the video is that the recorded audio is simply not good enough. As with most outdoor recordings, there is some background noise that infringes upon the speaker’s voice at times. Microphones are extremely sensitive to the movement of air, and it doesn’t even have to be a particularly windy day for one to pick up a lot of unwanted noise. 

The next thing is that the level of the interviewee’s voice is uneven. When we remove the background noise it will be even more obvious that it is quiet at some parts and loud in others, and in general it could do with being EQ’d to save it from sounding thin and muddy. There’s also a small amount of sibilance audible in his voice, which needs to be tamed.

Content with second rate audio won’t perform well on any platform, and we’re dealing with raw materials that aren’t at the standard required to capture an internet audience’s attention. With this in mind, we’ll devise a strategy that aims to enhance the video’s watchability and make for a more entertaining experience overall. Thankfully, with the help of Music Cellar and the ERA Bundle, that shouldn’t be too difficult a task.