A license is required as a form of proof that the original artist or copyright holder has given permission for the use of their work.

Music can be a profitable asset, it can be used to generate profits, so if a song is played without paying the owner, the potential profit the artist could have made is being “stolen”.

Unless you own the original piece of music, or the music is copyright free, you will need a licence to use other artists’ music in your content. Adverts, films, TV programmes, all tend to pay to use particular pieces of music.

It isn’t legal to use songs without the owner’s permission in videos because the copyright owner intends to earn money for their work.

A farmer wouldn’t take someone’s chickens without their permission, and start selling their eggs. This is the same with music, the chicken is the song, and their eggs are the profits that are made by the song.

Using copyrighted music without a license is a risky scenario, and can in the worst case end you up with hefty fines.