We saw many TikToks. Thousands. Millions, maybe. And we identified patterns that will help you create sounds on TikTok that will go viral.

Like it or not, believe it or not, social media are all about surprises and excitement. So, it’s all about the unexpected. This leads us to our first point on how to create amazing TikTok sounds that can go viral:

1. It Has to Be Weird

The internet is not just about high-quality content anymore. It’s also about things that the viewer has never come across before. Embrace unexpectedness, weirdness, and quirky ideas.

On TikTok, you’re mainly talking to those who’ve been born in the Internet era, so they’ve seen and heard it all. So make it weird because this is what this generation is looking for. 

When creating a TikTok sound, creators keep in mind different effects, pitches, or even sound effects. They play around with songs that they believe that their audience will love, and they never forget that it has to be unexpected. Like, ever.

2. It Has to Be Relevant

Think of what your parents, grandparents, or even your older siblings. What are their influences? What does “virality” mean to them? Now think of yourself. Your taste is more or less different.

Connecting with people through audio feels less personal than video. So, there’s one extra reason to be more relevant to the audience you’re speaking to. And relevancy is a key connector because it feels like you’re delivering to your audience the audio they already know and feel familiar with.

3. It Has to Be Fast

TikTok’s engagement rates are so high due to the fact that videos can’t be longer than 60 seconds maximum. So, how much can someone say in just one minute? How can a TikToker communicate their message as fast as possible?

Well, it’s their job to figure this out.

When TikTokers record their audio, they have to speak faster than they usually do but not too fast so people can understand what they’re saying. To create a TikTok sound that meets success, users need to make a point, write a script, and, of course, stick to it.

4. It Has to Be Funny

The comedy never dies. On the contrary, it’s always relevant, and more and more people are turning on their phones to crack a smile before sleep. That’s a proven recipe for success.

Successful TikTokers create TikTok sounds and videos to entertain people and make them forget about their everyday problems. 

5. It Has to Be Rewatchable

Except for likes and followers, TikTok’s algorithm takes into account how much people engage with content. Which translates into how many times videos are being watched. And audio plays an important part.

When creating audio for TikTok videos, users must keep in mind that viewers must engage with content so much that they’ll want to rewatch.

So, these are the five main points that an aspiring TikToker needs to address when creating content, videos, and sounds for TikTok. 

In a second, we’ll look at how to create a TikTok sound that makes a huge impact. But first, how do you actually do it? 

What should you do to create and upload TikTok audio? Here’s a complete guide: