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Making different voice changer filters with this technique

You can use many of the techniques highlighted in this tutorial to create different kinds of voice changers. Because the filter effect is a result of radio technology, you can use this guide to create any kind of voice that’s defined by its use of radio technology. 

Use this guide to help you create a racing driver voice filter, plane pilot voice changer filter, police radio voice filter and much more!

How to create a space marine voice on mobile

If you’re creating video or audio content on your mobile phone for TikTok, Instagram or any other social media platform, you might not want to edit video and audio on your computer. Luckily you can achieve this easily by using Accusonus Mauvio. Mauvio is a sound studio in the palm of your hand – it’s an app that gives you access to loads of different voice changer filters as well as some awesome audio repair tools. Use it to get professional quality audio on the go in seconds, without even having to use a computer!