Step 2: Use pitch shifter to make the voice deeper

A defining characteristic of the classic movie trailer voice is how deep it is. Voice over artists who do movie trailers have naturally deep voices, but if you don’t you can make it lower artificially!

A really easy way to do this is with a pitch shifter. Luckily Audacity has one built in so you don’t have to splash any cash to get one! To open the pitch shifter in Audacity go to Effect > Change Pitch.

This pitch shifter allows you to alter pitch by semitone, or as a percentage using a slider. In this scenario it’s best to use the slider as you want to have as much control over the pitch shifting process as possible. The more you shift the voice, the less natural it will sound so it’s good to have fine control.

For the voice sample we’re working with, shifting the pitch down 3% sounds good. However, bear in mind that each voice is different. If the voice you’re working with is already very deep you may not need to shift it down at all. Alternatively, if the voice is quite high you may have to shift it a lot.