Exercise #3: Remove All Blockages

So, now that you know that a higher voice needs power, all you have to do is charge your system with some deep breaths. But still, you must unleash this power. And anything that is getting in the way has to go.

A high-pitched, strong voice needs to be free to travel out of your body.

Open your throat, give your voice some space to generate, and remove the first obstacle our voices usually meet. The tongue.

No matter how important your tongue is in forming proper words, it sometimes gets in the way and blocks sounds that our bodies generate. So, when you’re trying to sing or talk in a higher voice, you need to mind your tongue’s position — especially if it’s too large and takes too much space inside your mouth.

Push down your tongue and keep it away from the roof of your mouth. Try it. 

If you’re a beginner you’ll notice that you are instinctively pulling back your tongue instead of pushing it down. Relax. Move it around to make it feel more comfortable and simply lay it down without trying.

This simple technique will allow you to produce a high-pitched sound that you most probably didn’t even know that you could produce. Keep in minf though, that it takes a little more time to master tongue control.