Your first video is now up. Time to briefly explore how you can become from “another” YouTuber to a successful YouTuber. This is where things start to get just a little bit more complicated.

But don’t fret, young creator. Follow these five tips below and see your views shooting up like crazy:

Tip #11: Create a Schedule and Stick to It

If you’ve subscribed to any big YouTuber and you’ve also “hit the notification bell,” you might have noticed that most of them have a regular upload schedule. This simple trick creates a special bond between the creator and the audience.

A regular schedule makes you look professional and passionate about what you do. And viewers usually appreciate hard work and effort. What’s more, they are going to know when their favorite YouTuber (a.k.a. You) are going to upload a new video and be there to watch it first.

However, you don’t want to break this promise. Ever. And if you do, make sure you announce it on your social media accounts beforehand.

Tip #12: Become a YouTuber Who’s Also Approachable

You might have heard YouTubers referring to their audience as a “community of people.” This community is actually every YouTuber’s power. People can turn you from a zero to a hero and vice versa. You need to talk to your audience, no matter how large or small it is.

Make sure you reply to every single comment under your YouTube videos, like them, and engage in conversations with your subscribers. This way, you will appear more human, and approachable and viewers will want to watch your video because they like you as a person.

This is the thing about YouTube: you are the brand. Not your channel — you. Be likable, approachable, and (again) on-brand.

Tip #13: Collaborations Create Careers

Becoming a great YouTuber comes with a tiny shortcut that’s been an open secret at vloggers’ dinner tables for quite some time now: collaborations.

Building a substantial subscriber base from scratch can take some time. Depending on how often you upload videos, your starting social media following, and luck (of course), hitting the first milestone of 1,000 subscribers can take an average of 22 months.

If you, for some reason, are in a rush, and can’t wait to build your audience, you might as well “steal” one. Partnering up with a YouTuber will get you out there without even doing anything different. New users will get the chance to see your face for the first time, and all you will have to do is to win them over by being awesome. 

So, if you happen to know another YouTuber in your network (Tip #5, much?), ask for a collab video. You want to keep it friendly, though. Put a simple subject line like “Collaboration request,” and write a simple email that doesn’t read too pushy.

Do they follow you on social media? Even better. A direct message is ten times friendlier.

Tip #14: Optimize Your Videos and Be Found

You must never forget that YouTube is a search engine. The second-largest search engine in the world, actually, right after Google. If you haven’t heard anything about SEO, it refers to your content’s search engine optimization, so users searching for stuff that is relevant to yours, can find you.

For YouTube video optimization, you don’t need any advanced skills to do it, but it will still help you become a successful YouTuber because more pairs of eyes will get the chance to see you. 

Simply, include the keyword you want to rank high for in your title, your video’s description, and your tags. You’ll be all set.

Tip #15: Set Small Goals As Soon As You Start With YouTube

Among all the things you need to become a YouTuber, patience is still one of the greatest virtues. Becoming a YouTube star is not going to happen overnight. You have to give it some time and set small, realistic goals. 

With this little trick, you make sure that your eyes always remain on the target, and you’ll feel good and motivated every time you celebrate a small win.

Climbing the YouTube career ladder is not easy. If you don’t take one step at a time and set unrealistic goals, you will soon feel demotivated, and give up. Focus on creating high-quality content, and the rest will follow. 

You will hit your goals. Only one by one.