You can also pre-cut your footage before you bring it into the timeline by setting in and out points. There are two ways to do this. The easiest way to make precise “cuts” is to drag a clip from the media pool into the source monitor (alternatively, double-clicking on the clip in the media pool will send it to the source monitor.) From there you can scrub through the footage and set in and out points, and drag only sections of your source clips into the timeline. To set an in point, scrub to where you want the clip to begin and press I. To set an out point, scrub to where you want the clip to end and press O. Once you have your in and out points set, click and drag the clip into the timeline. Alternatively, you can choose to drag video only or audio only into the timeline by clicking and dragging from the video or audio icon in the bottom of the source monitor.

To set quick, less precise in and out points in your footage, you can mouse over your clips in the media pool. This will automatically start scrubbing through the footage. When you get to where you want the clip to begin, click I, and when you get to where you want your clip to end, click O. Then, when you want to add your clip to the timeline, simply drag it in from the media pool. Only the section of the clip between your in and out points will be added. This method is best used on b-roll clips that will have no audio.