How we work

Our investment targets

We focus on investing in teams that create the technology to help solve big problems. Teams building on advances in computer science, artificial intelligence, health & life sciences, and climate technology excite us.

What We Offer

Our business is about more than picking winners, we also help to make winners, when this is needed.

We offer support through the whole process from product design to scaling up for global expansion. We can help with finding people, setting metrics, planning intellectual property, getting early customers, and building sales operations in new markets. When later stage investors join the company, we will still be there to help and mentor.

People working in the Big Pi offices People working in the Big Pi offices People working in the Big Pi offices People working in the Big Pi offices

Our focus

  • Big Pi is a seed and early-stage fund. Our initial ticket is between €0.5 million and €3.0 million. Our goal is to be the first institutional investor for exceptional teams building the big companies of tomorrow.
  • We invest in projects where technology and intellectual property are core to the value proposition.
  • The founders whom we select are either visionary technology entrepreneurs with well-rounded teams that are planning to scale up; or brilliant scientists and engineers in universities, research centers and corporations, who want to bring projects from the lab to market.
  • To ensure that your venture and our investment align, we require that companies have or build a substantial part of their operations in Greece.

Investment Criteria


We focus on businesses that possess technology that gives them a distinct and defensible advantage over their competitors. This includes products, services, or processes that can be patented or kept as secret know-how, or a team with unique skills. We prioritize teams that create technology to help solve significant problems.

Market & Problem

The potential market must be large, and cover a wide geographic area. We will not consider businesses addressing only Greece. The great majority of our investments are in B2B businesses. Candidates must be tackling a tangible, real world problem that significantly impacts the life or work of end users.


We prefer companies that have at least two co-founders with complementary skills, covering both product and business development. Business-driven teams should have a deep understanding of their market and have figured out customer aquisition. Technology-driven teams must have a clear vision of how their invention will become a useful product.