Once a month, our partner and co-Chair of SEV’s Innovation Committee, Marco Veremis hosts innovative Greeks, who excel by achieving increasingly higher goals. His guests unfold their stories and share with us their exciting journey, experiences gathered along the way, but also their recipe for success.

In this episode of Innovative Greeks, Marco Veremis interviews George Hadjigeorgiou, co-founder and CEO of Skroutz.gr, the most popular retail platform in Greece and the 4th most visited website in our country.

George Hadjigeorgiou explains in detail how it all started in 2005 with a fateful moment, funded by family and friends, which has grown into a big company that employs more than 800 people. In this meaningful discussion, he talks about corporate culture and the changes it undergoes as companies grow, the first years of Skroutz.gr when revenues were almost nil, huge women’s role in society, and, naturally, the meaning of life.

Watch the video here.

Γιώργος Χατζηγεωργίου: Ο ιδρυτής & CEO του Skroutz.gr