Once a month, our partner and co-Chair of SEV’s Innovation Committee, Marco Veremis hosts innovative Greeks, who excel by achieving increasingly higher goals. His guests unfold their stories and share with us their exciting journey, experiences gathered along the way, but also their recipe for success.

In this 7th episode, Marco Veremis interviews Thanos Veremis, Professor Emeritus of the University of Athens -and his father- about innovative Greeks from ancient times to the present day.

They discuss the paradox of being taught ancient Greek at school without understanding the true meaning of the texts, the prevailing nepotism in modern Greece and the crucial role the Orthodox Church played in preserving the Greek language during the 19th century.

The discussion spans Greece’s timeline, reviewing the Greeks’ ingenuity throughout: from the challenges in ancient Greece compared to today’s modern society and how Plato and Aristotle dealt with them, progressing to Thucydides and Alexander the Great, all the way to the Ottoman period, the revolution of 1821, Trikoupis, Venizelos and the Balkan wars.

Watch the video here.