Once a month, our partner and co-Chair of SEV’s Innovation Committee, Marco Veremis hosts innovative Greeks, who excel by achieving increasingly higher goals. His guests unfold their stories and share with us their exciting journey, experiences gathered along the way, but also their recipe for success.

In this third episode of Innovative Greeks Talks, Marco Veremis interviews Yiannis Martinos, founder and CEO of The Signal Group.

Yiannis Martinos talks about his upbringing in a family with deep roots in shipping. His university studies and family business allowed him to envision shipping outside the traditional norms. Using applied robotics and digital technologies, Signal Group upends standard practices and fully digitizes onboard ship navigation and on-shore support functions.

He also discusses the technological future of shipping and AI’s role in it and he touches upon how AI is set to revolutionize our daily lives and challenge the lives of our children.

Watch the video here.

Yiannis Martinos, Signal Group: Digital transformation, Greek shipping industry’s biggest bet