Professional anime voice actors are highly skilled artists. The specifics of the genre and the unique aesthetics in sound design mean that your standard voiceover sounds very different to an anime voice over. You can find anime voice artists on sites like Fiverr and Upwork – a voice over can cost anywhere from $5 for a few sentences of dialogue to $480 per hour.

However, you can use normal voice actors – or even your own voice – for your anime project as well. As non anime voice actors are less specialised, they are usually easier to find and cheaper – you can even fill in if you like! You can then give the work of voice actors a tweak in post production to give that anime effect.

In this guide we’re going to be looking at how you can work with standard voice performances in Adobe Premiere Pro to achieve some anime effects. We’re going to be using stock Premiere Pro plugins so everyone can follow along. Most voice changing effects can be achieved with a few simple stock effects.