2. Once you’ve selected the Audio option, you’ll now see the options you have. The first thing to point out is that there are options at the top of the window to have the In/Out points impact your output, as well as the selected tracks, so keep that in mind. 

3. Next, choose the output option that’s right for you. You have a few options here. The most common audio export options are Stereo (for final mixes), as well as Direct Out, if you’re going to be exporting, for example, 12 channels that you want to keep independent, and not have them mixed down into Stereo or Mono channels.  Once you’ve decided your export option, you’re all set to save this preset by clicking Save As, giving it a name, and then exporting to the location of your choice. 

Keep in mind that Media Composer will not export MP3 files, so you will need another application to flip the file over.