The Minecraft soundtrack is incredibly nostalgic, part of this is to do with the music itself. C418’s ambient, wistful compositions have a very nostalgic feeling to them. Some tracks even feature chip tune style synth sounds which give the game the feel of a retro game from the 90s or earlier.

However, much of the nostalgia comes from shared memories of the game and its soundtrack. Minecraft came out in 2011 and so many players have grown up with it as a huge part of their lives. You only have to read through the comments on some of the soundtrack’s tunes on YouTube to see how much the game means to people.

“I found my iPad that was almost 8 years old. I charged it and Minecraft was on there. I opened it as soon as i saw it. The app wasn’t up to date so everything was the same I loaded my first world ever and found myself in my 2 block high dirt house right next to the world boarder I didn’t think it would make me cry but I teared up. I had a hidden chest. And I still knew exactly where it was

Thank you Minecraft. For my amazing childhood [Sic]” Sade Fade (YouTube)

“I can really remember, when I was around 7, my first ever house was made out of yellow wool, i had a farm with horses, I would always fly when I saw a mob, and kill it with a bow. Even for people who joined later, this is our childhood. Everybody’s childhood. This song makes me cry. At the time we would cry because we couldn’t play anymore. Now we cry because of the memories, and because of real life trouble. [Sic]” Weeb Memer (YouTube)