This is always such a great time of year to review shapes and their characteristics.

Make practicing shapes fun with the “Shapes in Place” game for preschool, pre-K, kindergarten and first-grade students during the holiday season.

Your students are going to love naming and matching shapes as they use simple individual shapes like triangles and squares to create objects.


This colored board game helps children expand their vocabulary, recognition of shapes and reinforces their ability to categorize and to place different shapes for creating Christmas images, such as a Santa, reindeer and even more.

Santa Shape

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Encouraging active learning of any kind, either it be cutting, gluing, jumping or balancing, is a great way to help kids build fine and gross motor skills. All the benefits that movement-based learning can bring in or beyond the classroom, make it a very important element of the holistic educational Whole Child Approach.

Whether you are looking for printable board games, touchless learning games to utilize in the classroom or remote learning from home, students can practice math and ELA by using their whole body. Kinems offers a wide range of ‘Whole Child’ activities that promote children’s development of motor skills, enabling them to reach their full potential!

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