Machine learning dramatically simplifies audio restoration”

Sector: AI, Audio restoration
Founded: 2015
First Invested: 2019
Located: Massachusets USA, Athens Greece


AI, Audio restoration


First Invested

Massachusets, USA

Athens, Greece


Accusonus builds human-friendly audio processing software. Their sophisticated technology makes a difference because it’s integrated into elegant products with intuitive UIs, helping audio producers stay in the flow and get improve their audio fast and reliably. Accusonus is one of the first companies that ever released commercial Machine Learning audio processing products.

Alex Tsilfidis

Alex Tsilfidis

CEO and co-founder

Electrical and Computer Engineer with a PhD in Audio Signal Processing and Master’s degree in Acoustics. Author of more than 20 international scientific papers and book chapters. Has also worked as IT manager and software developer. Former electronic musician/ composer, mainly writing music for prime Greek theatre shows and films.

Elias Kokkinis

Elias Kokkinis

CTO and co-founder

Electrical and Computer Engineer with a Ph.D. degree in Audio Signal Processing. Acknowledged researcher. Fields of expertise include: signal processing, room acoustics, software development for embedded systems, sound engineering, studio recording and music production. Former sound engineer for concerts and studios and amateur drummer.

Michael Tzannes

Michael Tzannes

Chairman and co-Founder

Experienced executive and innovator in the high-tech industry. Founder and Executive Manager of Tzannes Patent Management, LLC, focused on the strategic development, assessment and monetization of high-quality patent assets. Former CTO, CEO and Board Chairman of Aware Inc. (NASDAQ:AWRE) a widely recognized communications technology pioneer. Member of classic rock cover band French Lick that performs at charity events throughout the Boston area.

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