“IP Licensing and Prototyping in Greece for Deep-Tech Innovations”

Sector: IP development
Founded: 2019
First Invested: 2019
Located: Athens, Greece.
Website: http://www.athroa.com/


IP development


First Invested

Athens, Greece


Athroa Innovations offers to innovators the prospect of IP Licensing as an alternative to launching a start-up. We enable inventors in any capacity and from any origin to focus on making progress on their core research progress, while benefiting from the competitive advantages of doing their prototyping in Greece with us. Both local and international industrial pioneers choose to join our co-development projects to access cutting-edge innovation critical to them, but without the upfront exposure to the high risk and disadvantages of early-stage inhouse R&D. While our priority is breakthroughs involving also hardware, we investigate any type of innovation, not only high-tech, as long as it lends itself to IP Licensing, could potentially become disruptive, and promises a positive overall financial & social impact.
Mihalis Boutaris

Mihalis Boutaris

Founder & CEO

Mihalis, the founder and director is a generalist with a deep and broad entrepreneurial track record. He has taken both low-tech and high-tech ideas anywhere from novelty inception to commercialization throughout his career. His expertise in pioneering technologies relates to agrochemicals (a low-risk biopesticide) and clean energy (a concentrated solar power plant). He has worked for and with large and small firms alike, both locally and across borders. Educated at Harvard and at UCDavis, Mihalis has also ventured for five years in Asia Pacific penetrating regional markets for his family wine business and establishing a vineyard in China. He has worked at the Boston Consulting Group and currently also advises the National Centre of Science & Research “Demokritos” in Greece on technology transfer.
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