“Modern software development and deployment workflow for the Internet of Things.”

Sector: IoT
Founded: 2011
First Invested: 2018
Located: Athens Greece, London UK, Seattle USA
Website: https://www.balena.io





First Invested

Athens, Greece
London, UK
Seattle, USA


Previously known as Resin.io, balena provides infrastructure solutions for IoT makers. Most notably balenaCloud provides fleet owners with simple to use tools enabling them to deploy, update, and maintain fleets of connected devices at scale, remotely.

Balena are also the makers of highly popular open source tools balenaOS, balenaEngine, and balenaEtcher.

The latest addition to the family is balenaFin, a very powerful hardware board catering to IoT system makers.

Big Pi has coinvested in Balena with DFJ, GE Ventures, Ericsson and KDDI


Alexandros Marinos

Alexandros Marinos

CEO, co-founder

Alexandros Marinos serves as the CEO of balena. Previously he was a co-founder of Rulemotion where he developed software for outdoor advertising. There with his team he spotted the missing links in IoT infrastructure and developed a custom solution which was later productized as balena.

Petros Aggelatos

Petros Aggelatos

CTO, Co-founder

A web developer at heart, Petros has previously founded a WebGL game engine company. Later as an employee of Rulemotion, he spearheaded the development of what is now balenaCloud.

Pagan Gazard

Pagan Gazard


Long time friend and collaborator with the CEO, Pagan specializes in developing the APIs, the glue that binds balena offerings with each other and third party services.

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