The talent assessment platform for Diversity and Inclusion

Sector: HR Talent Assessment
Founded: 2017
First Invested: 2020
Located: Athens Greece, London UK, Nicosia Cyprus.


HR Talent Assessment


First Invested

London, UK
Athens, Greece
Nicosia, Cyprus


Bryq is a talent assessment platform, designed to help companies find diverse and suitable talent. By blindly screening candidates and matching skills and personality to job and company requirements without bias, Bryq boosts Diversity & Inclusion in the process.

Built to serve organizations of any size, Bryq frees employers and employees alike from the tyranny of resumes and can be productively deployed within less than a week.

Markellos Diorinos

Markellos Diorinos

CEO & co-founder

With a strong background in technology and marketing, Markellos is an entrepreneur passionate about delivering results and making great teams.

Previously, Markellos spent 10 years at Upstream, a global leader in mobile marketing, in various roles, among others running the operations in Latin America and establishing new product lines. Prior to Upstream, Markellos held Product Marketing positions at Microsoft in Seattle and founded ArtLogic, a software house. 

Markellos holds a BS and MSc in Computer Science from Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg and an MBA from the University of Washington.

Hassan Chahrour,

Hassan Chahrour,

CTO & co-founder

An entrepreneurial technologist with a strong engineering and management background, leading cross-discipline engineering teams in high pressure, fast-paced startup environments for the past 10+ years. Hassan brings vast experience in consumer-facing and mobile applications, social networks, e-commerce, distributed systems, and APIs.

As co-founder and Chief Technology Officer for Lulu, he led the development and technology for 4 years until its acquisition by Badoo. Prior to that, he was the lead engineer for multiple startups. As Lead Engineer of Persado’s Special Projects team he explored, researched and developed new ways in which Persado’s cognitive technology can be used.

Guy Krief

Guy Krief

co-founder & Member of the Board

Guy is Bryq‘s co-founder and member of the board. He is also on the board of mobile technology firm Upstream, where he previously served as CEO. He co-founded Persado, a Bain Capital Ventures-backed company, where he served as the company’s SVP of Product & Innovation, in charge of product management, algorithmic research, and software development.

He has followed a diverse career path, which has seen him own a French pastry shop, found a messaging start-up, write and star in his own TV comedy series and host his own radio show. Previously, Guy was a marketing manager for Wanadoo, France Telecom, in Paris, which became Orange. Guy holds a Master’s degree in Social Psychology from the Sorbonne in Paris.

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