“The industry’s first end-to-end solution for the design, schematic capture, and simulation of capacitive touch sensors”

Sector: SaaS, CAE
Founded: 2014
First Invested: 2018
Located: Athens Greece
Website: https://www.fieldscale.com





First Invested

Thessaloniki, Greece


Electromagnetic simulation is among the most demanding software processes today. With uses ranging from touch screens to chip design to power transmission design, simulation is critical for reducing cost and time-to-market cycles. At the same time, state-of-the-art solutions are limiting themselves to previous generation algorithms and infrastructure.

Fieldscale brings simulation tasks to the cloud era. Using new, scalable implementations of classic algorithms it is able to parallelize to a level that was previously unattainable. This results to speed increases of 10x or more while benefitting from reduced costs.

Yiorgos Bontzios

Yiorgos Bontzios

CEO, co-founder

Yiorgos serves as the CEO, defining the long-term visions of Fieldscale. He supervises all operations and he is responsible for keeping the engine moving inside and outside of the company.

Yiorgos holds an MSc and a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering both from the Aristotle University of Greece.

He is the principal inventor of one patent; has published over 20 papers and 4 books. Yiorgos has worked in various positions and developed several software tools as a Freelancer

George Bouzianas

George Bouzianas

CTO, co-founder

George implements novel numerical techniques that form the kernel of the company’s technology. He is an expert in Computational Electromagnetics and Programing of Numerical Techniques (FDTD, FEM, BEM). George holds an MSc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering and a Ph.D. in Computational Electromagnetics both from the Aristotle University of Greece.

During his studies, he won 4 different scholarships of excellence; published over 10 scientific papers and developed a time domain numerical model for the simulation of electromagnetic effects in Graphene structures.

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