Movement based learning for special education”

Sector: EdTech
Founded: 2013
First Invested: 2019
Located: Athens, Greece




First Invested

Athens, Greece


Kinems in an innovative movement-based interactive educational platform designed to help students in special education. Through highly stimulating game-based interventions, it integrates occupational therapy tasks with academic learning activities, while tracking and monitoring the student progress in both learning and motor skills.

Kinems makes education more efficient and effective and is found to improve student academic performance and attendance while also enhancing motor skills.

Michael Boloudakis

Michael Boloudakis

CEO, Co-founder

Michael Boloudakis is the Co-Founder, President and CEO of Kinems. He holds a Bachelor degree in computer science and MSc and PhD in digital learning technologies from the University of Piraeus.

He has conducted research on various e-learning programs and has won multiple awards in international innovation and entrepreneurship competitions. He is also a serial entrepreneur, with Kinems being the second startup that he founds.

Symeon Retalis

Symeon Retalis

Chief Scientific Officer, Co-founder

Symeon Retalis is the Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Kinems. He is a professor at the department of Digital Systems in University of Piraeus and an expert in the design of e-learning systems.

He has published numerous scientific papers and has worked on projects of leading IT companies such as Microsoft, Intel, Google, and Smart Technologies.

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