“Indoor location technology”

Sector: Indoor Location Technology
Founded: 2015
First Invested: 2020
Located: Oxford, UK. Athens, Greece.
Website: http://www.navenio.com/

Indoor Location Technology


First Invested

Oxford UK
Athens Greece

Navenio has developed infrastructure-free, highly scalable, accurate and robust indoor location solutions – built on award-winning and world leading research from the University of Oxford – that utilise existing smartphone devices to localise people within a broad range of contexts and markets.

The Navenio solution provides a dramatic improvement on other indoor localisation technologies, having the ability to locate people without the need for implementing, managing or surveying any new building hardware such as beacons or wi-fi. 

As a result, Navenio can deliver highly scalable and frictionless indoor location solutions for everyone, everywhere.

Our consistent accuracy, to within just a few metres, enables support of a wide variety of use cases for businesses, consumers and employees.

We are working with a variety of customers, in healthcare and industry, as well as global companies with full scale app coverage, looking to improve customer personalisation. All made possible by Navenio’s rapidly scalable, infrastructure-free solutions.

Tim Weil

Tim Weil

Co-Founder & CEO

Tim has over 20 years experience of developing businesses in telecoms, mobile, healthcare, infotainment and analytics. Throughout that time, he has delivered significant shareholder value through a combination of organic growth, international expansion, restructuring, acquisitions and joint ventures. He has an MBA from INSEAD and an MA in Mathematics and Operations Research from the University of Cambridge

Niki Trigoni

Niki Trigoni

Co-Founder & CTO

Niki is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Oxford where she leads the Sensor Networks Group. She has 15 years of experience in cyber physical systems and has won several awards for her group’s work on indoor and underground positioning (IPSN 2014, EWSN 2014, EWSN 2013, SENSYS 2010). Professor Trigoni also co-directs the Centre for Doctoral Training in Autonomous and Intelligent Machines and Systems

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