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Sector: Music Management Platform
Founded: 2015
First Invested: 2020
Located: L.A. (USA), Athens (Greece)
Website: http://orfium.com


Music Management Platform


First Invested

L.A. (USA), Athens (Greece)


Orfium is a Music Management Platform offering technology solutions for rights-holders. The platform identifies online copyright violations and monetises content for producers, publishers, record companies and other Intellectual Property owners that concede the right of use to various digital distribution channels such as YouTube.

The AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms and learning engineering that Orfium has developed track every asset of the content (not only music related data) to locate possible IP (intellectual Property) ownerships reproduced on videos that belong to clients. Orfium clients include big companies of the Entertainment Industry, such as Warner Chappell, Sony/ATV, EMI, Kobalt, Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Red Bull Records.

Rob Wells

Rob Wells

CoFounder and CEO

Rob is an institutional and award winning executive in the music industry with 25 years of experience between BMG and Universal Music Group (UMG) in both the UK and US, culminating in his role as the UMG President of Global Digital Business where he closed important deals including with Spotify and Apple, prior to joining Orfium

His journey with Orfium started in 2017 when, impressed by the idea, the technology and the team, he joined Orfium as CEO. With his industry and digital expertise, Rob has transformed Orfium into a powerful partner for most major global copyright owners.

Chris Mohoney

Chris Mohoney

CoFounder and CPO

Chris, who holds master’s degree in accounting and finance coupled with strong background in programming and music rights, was previously running product development and operations at a 3rd party administrator of music copyrights in YouTube’s Content ID system representing over 6 million music copyrights.

Acting as Chief Product Officer at Orfium, Chris overseas and manages the design and development of all core applications, products and solutions provided to major global copyrighted content owners.

Drew Dellis

Drew Dellis

CoFounder and COO

Drew holds a degree in Economics from University of San Diego and a PhD in law from Pepperdine University School of Law, specialising in digital music rights and intellectual property.

Drew Delis is the co-founder and COO of Orfium, leading the internal operations team. He especially focuses on communication with major Orfium clients, while supervising the successful execution of the company’s contracts. He is also a liaison between the product development, business, and operations teams, with paramount experience in understanding client problems and needs and communicating them efficiently.

Michael Petychakis

Michael Petychakis


He studied at the National Technical University in Athens, completing a MS in electrical and computer engineering and pursuing a Ph.D. in researching application programming interfaces (APIs).

Sharing the same vision along with Orfium founders Drew Dellis and Chris Mohoney, they developed an end-to-end suite of applications to power the next generation digital supply chain and monetization system of the entertainment industry.

Michael, as Chief Technical Officer is leading the Greek Orfium Office that consists of more than 80 people mostly high calibre Engineers, Data Scientists and Software Developers.

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