A revolutionary tool for 3d surface modeling”

Sector: 3d modeling
Founded: 2019
First Invested: 2019
Located: Athens, Greece
Website: http://www.phi3d.com/
3d modeling


First Invested

Athens, Greece


Phenometry has developed Phi, a surface modeler that revolutionizes organic 3D design.

Based on state-of-the-art proprietary technologies, Phi’s innovative and intuitive modeling tools and new design capabilities enable complete focus on one’s design ideas, allowing everyone to model any kind of shape or object in no time, from simple models to car designs. Phi enables interactively editing everything in real time, while always maintaining precision, seamlessness and high surface quality. Novice as well as professional users will be able to effortlessly, quickly and accurately design and edit manufacture-ready 3D objects with organic, free-form surfaces for the first time. Phi offers essential interoperability with other CAD systems (and 3D printers).

Phi is continuously evolving at a rapid pace, bridging the worlds of engineering and design in a unique way. A set of core functionalities and capabilities are currently deployed, but many more are in the product pipeline. Phi will be initially released within the Onshape app store, and afterwards as a stand-alone browser-based product.

Phi is fully cloud based, platform independent and runs on all popular browsers.

The team of the three core founders is complemented by Keith Mountain and Dick Sowar, two highly respected veterans of the CAD arena.

Tassos Hadjicocolis

Tassos Hadjicocolis

CEO and co-founder

Apart from his role as CEO, Tassos is also responsible for the design and development of the algorithmic core of Phi. In the past he co-founded ALS Geometric Software S.A., where he was Managing Director and responsible for Business Development and Strategy and also designed/developed the core software for the GGCM, a unique, state of the art non-linear equation solver for CAD based on internal, original mathematical research.

Tassos holds a Master of Engineering Degree in Software Engineering with First Class Honours from Imperial College, London, where he was awarded the Holigrave Scholarship and ranked first in the final year exams.

Vasileios Capoyleas

Vasileios Capoyleas

Research Director and co-founder

Vasilis is responsible for the research and development of the mathematical infrastructure. Vasilis also co-founded ALS Geometric Software.

He got his PostDoc at the Computer Science Dept. of the Purdue University, USA and the Max Planck Institut für Informatik, Germany, and his PhD Degree from the NYU Courant Institute. His thesis title was “Applications of Convexity in Computational Geometry”, with Professors Janos Pach and Richard Pollack as his advisors. He was the recipient of the annual Harold Grad Prize for the best graduate student in Courant Institute, and the Janet Fabri memorial prize for the best PhD thesis in Courant Institute, and he was also an IBM fellow.

Stephanos Androutsellis-Theotokis

Stephanos Androutsellis-Theotokis

Software Development Manager and co-founder

Stephanos is responsible for the design and development of the “front-end” of the application, including the user interaction and experience, as well as the server-side and interoperability with other applications.

He got his PhD from the Dept. of Management Science & Technology of the Athens Univ. of Economics and Business, a Masters Degree in Biomedical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University, Maryland, USA, and a Masters and a Bachelor Degree from Imperial College London in Information Systems and Biomedical Engineering. He was also a founding member of ALS Geometric Software, he has worked extensively in the industry as a software engineer, and he has also taught computer science-related subjects, including Human-Computer Interaction, at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels.

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