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Sector: Precision Medicine
Founded: 2014
First Invested: 2020
Located:Athens, Greece. Lausanne, Switzerland. Boston, USA. Barcelona, Spain .
saphetor.com, varsome.com

Precision Medicine


First Invested

Athens, Greece
Lausanne, Switzerland
Boston, USA
Barcelona, Spain.

saphetor.com / varsome.com

Saphetor obtains, integrates, processes and presents in innovative ways the vast amount of data needed in the ongoing precision medicine revolution. We are pioneering the introduction and industrialisation of next generation DNA sequencing (NGS) in clinical practice by offering an online genome-scale analysis and interpretation platform used by a growing number of clinical and research laboratories. In addition, our website VarSome.com, which showcases our data engine, is being adopted by the global community of more than 280 000 clinical and research labs. VarSome.com, whose usage is growing exponentially, uniquely connects together the global genomics community.

Andreas Massouras

Andreas Massouras

Founder and CEO

Andreas has a proven track record in creating value from big data analysis. With more than ten years of experience in genomics, Andreas previously worked for leading investment banks Salomon Brothers, Credit Suisse, and Citigroup and developed advanced data analysis tools that were used in financial products. After more than a decade in finance, Andreas began a second career by becoming one of the pioneers in applying big data and computer science know-how to genetics. He received a PhD in Computational Genetics from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL) and a MEng in Software Engineering from Imperial College London.

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