Enabling modern electronics on space crafts

Sector: Aerospace
Founded: 2018
First Invested: 2019
Located: Athens Greece, London UK
Website: www.spacetalos.com




First Invested

Athens, Greece
London, UK


Satellites are susceptible to radiation damage. In order to prevent ionized particles to pass through, manufacturers add metal layers around sensitive electronics of a satellite. This process is highly expensive and time-consuming.

Space Talos has developed an optimized process, which provides satellites with the ability to generate a protective magnetic shield that protects electronics from radiation.

Using this practical active shielding device, users can reduce total ionisation dosage experienced and allow the use of commercial off the shelf electronics and sensors in radiation-heavy environments; a current limitation of the industry.

Alexandros Christou

Alexandros Christou

CEO, Co-founder

Alexandros serves as the CEO of Space Talos. Alexandros holds a PhD in Mechanical and Biomedical engineering from Imperial College London. He has specialised in computational mechanics and non-linear modelling and he is also competent in coding (Python, Matlab and Fortran) and data analysis.

Majed Jawad

Majed Jawad

CTO, Co-founder

Majed serves as the CTO of Space Talos. Majed holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Bristol. He has a combined research experience of over 13 years and he is specialised in magnetics and superconductors in extreme environments.

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